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Airtight Breathable Hydrophobic Flexible Eco-friendly. Icynene H 2 Foam open-cell spray insulation is quite simply the best way to insulate a roof timber frame wall or suspended floor. Its also ideal for cavity and solid walls too if you want airtightness and breathability. When keeping warm is your priority H 2 Foam beats insulated boards multi-layer foil mineral wool and natural fibre insulation hands down both in performance and green credentials. Icynene has now been on the market for 29 years. Independent studies have shown that air leakage can account for up to 40% energy loss. Controlling air leakage is essential.
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Why Choose Foam Insulation. Cavity Wall Insulation With Spray Foam. Themework Set Pieces and other Installations. Cavity Wall Insulation With Spray Foam. Spray Foam the perfect cavity wall insulation solution for hard to treat homes. save up to 90% of your heating energy Cavity wall insulation Continue Reading.
WALLTITE The airtight insulation solution.
New pitched roof insulation. Existing pitched roof insulation. Room in a roof insulation. New timber frame wall insulation. Refurbished masonry wall insulation timber frame. Refurbished masonry wall insulation independent metal frame. Masonry cavity wall insulation. Hard to treat cavities. Concrete slab ground floor insulation.
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There are many types of alternative materials that can be used to handle more specific needs. See also Spray foams insulation. Walltite insulation foam being sprayed. Closed cell spray foam being applied by trained installer. Spray foam is also an informal term used to refer to various plastic foam materials that are used in building construction to provide thermal insulation and minimize air infiltration. Polyurethane and polyisocyanurate are two types of foam used in this application. There are two main types of spray foam insulation open and closed cell. Open cell insulation can be crushed in your hand and has a lower insulation value. Closed cell is rigid to the touch and each air cell is completely sealed.
Foamseal Spray Foam Insulation for roofs walls and floors.
U Value and Condensation Risk Data. Call Free 0800 389 2104. for roofs walls and floors. Roof Renovation and Insulation. Internal External Wall Insulation. Timber Concrete Ground Floor Insulation. Room in Roof Insulation. Get your FREE quote and home survey. We can repair your roof for less and improve the insulation of your home. BBA Certificated insulation systems for new/existing dwellings and commercial buildings. Portable 2-part polyurethane spray foam systems for professional and DIY use.
Icynene Insulation System.
Icynene absorbs the lowest amount of moisture and has the highest level of vapour resistivity of any soft foam on the market. Icynene Spray Foam in Action. Find a Contractor in Your Area. Midlands North North East North Yorkshire South South East South West Northern Ireland Scotland Wales. What Do you Want to Insulate? Suspended Timber Floor Insulation. Suspended Timber Floor Application. Commercial / Industrial / Agricultural / Condensation Control Insulation.
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Black Waterfall Expanding Foam. Touch n Foam 200 Spray Foam kit. Touch n Foam 600 Spray Foam Kit. Froth-Pak Gun Hose Assembly. Froth-Pak Nozzles Pack of 25. Froth-Pak 180 Spray Foam Kit. Home Video's Technical Bulletins Contact Us Privacy Statement Terms and Conditions. AB Building Products Ltd. Unit 5 Regents Court. Tel 01264 359984 Fax 01264 335200.

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